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Professional Summary: Kristin Drysdale


Kristin Drysdale’s Professional Summary

(Background Information and Vision)



My professional summary begins in the home. I have six children between the ages of 13 and 5 who inspire me daily with their beautiful, inquisitive minds. I spend a good majority of my time working on the Web in one corner or another helping to run several online forums on top of what I do with Wiser Sites and LendOneHand. And just recently, I’ve joined the Ritetag team. I love SEO, social statistics, and global advocacy.

The most impactful thing I’ve learned along my Web journey is that the more vulnerable we allow ourselves to be with others and contextualize our message with our real life story, the deeper our connections can grow. This in turn leads to clearer understanding and meaningful collaboration.

One of my dearest friends, Rotimi Orimoloye (Orims), lives in Nigeria and through our association, I’ve developed a great interest in Nigerian politics and culture. I help him moderate the Google Plus community, Digital AfricaOur mission there is to “improve the quality of life of Africans through enlightenment, training, and use of technology in the new digital age.”  It’s our belief that when Africa takes its rightful place in the global economy, we will be better equipped to offer a model for other areas of the world to follow.    

The spreading of open source learning and communication across the world can only make us all stronger. It’s a great honour to do my humble part and have you join me in our search for impact.

P.S… #BringBackOurGirls!!